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Let New Hampshire Electrician Gus Rainone get your house ready for a warm and inviting winter.

Farmington NH, September 18

New Hampshire electrician Gus Rainone (rainoneelectric.net) says that having the right electricity at the right spot in your house can make a big different in your comfort and lifestyle.

"One of the most useful things we can do for a customer is install small baseboard electric heaters in cold spots in the house. This makes a cold area more comfortable and useable," said New Hampshire electrician Gus Rainone. "In many cases it can allow you to turn down your main heating in the room because you’re no longer using it to try and heat up that cold spot," he explained.

"Installing an electric baseboard costs less than you might think," NH electrician Rainone explained. "Wiring is normally easy to run from the load center and installing the baseboard is pretty straightforward."

Winter is also a time when people think about Christmas and where to place their Christmas tree.

"We have customers who have had their tree in a bad location for 20 years, NH electrician Rainone said. "They finally call and say they want a new outlet so they can move the tree. We come in and install a new outlet in the right place and they move the tree where they wanted it all along."

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